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Hey, man. I'm Darren.

It’s so heartbreaking to see old people cry because despite of their experience and journeys, the things that they’ve been through, they still have this struggle or this block on their paths.

So hi this is Michael. He’s my cousin/inaanak. We call him bachuchay because he’s fat. Whenever I go to their place, I would see him smile and point at me. Then I’d carry him for a while and when I put him down he does this paawa hug. So I have to carry him again. Sometimes when you’re scolding him on things like breaking some things or getting important stuffs, he just smiles and there’s nothing you can’t do but hug him and smile. 

Damn man, that was a stupid thing to do, sleeping that early. Now I’m wide awake as if it was my noon time. fuck.

Anonymous asked:
Hi, naisip ko lang kung pa'no 'pag 'yung humingi ng advice sa kanya eh depressed or suicidal? Tapos ganu'n pa 'yung sagot niya. Eh baka lalo lang magdagdagaan ang tendency na magpakamatay 'yun? :(


Kaya sobrang poisonous talaga ng environment dito. Kaya ako nangaaway. Sana nagegets niyo kung ba’t ko ‘to ginagawa sa mga kupal. Hindi naman matututo ‘yang mga ‘yan whether it’s the easy or hard way. At least aware ‘yung mga tao kasi may heat. Fight fire with fire and people will stay away from the cause of the fire, right? 

Makipaglaban ka kung tama ka.

I wish I could travel without spending money.

I love how a music can change your mood in an instant. 

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Sometimes I find it amusing seeing people fight between their wrongs and rights

Burning through summer