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Hey, man. I'm Darren.

You’re too strong for someone to break. But have you been thinking that the only thing that can destroy you is yourself. How you can overpower someone that is fragile and weak. This is what destroys you.

When you’re too good in hiding feelings

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In honor of the two conflicting holidays

Ugh. Fuck. Nanghihinayang talaga ako don sa UST. Science lang yung NQ ko sa Architecture. Pero sana makapag transfer ako. sana sana sana 

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"They burned the bridge, then ask why I don’t visit."

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Self portrait before I dropped the fucking camera.

I dropped my camera

Hahaha yeah. No, the wind did. I was up at my spot, taking pictures. I was supposed to film it and show you my perfect spot in different skies and time. Before it happened, I was taking self portraits because the sunset was beautiful. Then I decided to get the other lens to get a better, quality image. And then the wind blew to my camera. It was on tripod although the I set up the tripod long and vulnerable to fcking winds. And then, BAMIWAM. As I walked away I heard my camera smashing the solid floor of my spot. I looked at it and I saw the lens rolling away. Words cannot express what I feel. Although I remember I said “Holy Shit baby, no no no” Yeah, of all the words I can come up with, that’s all I have to say. 

After that I decided to test it out and put the lens back on the camera. Unfortunately, the camera didn’t worked. As well as my lens. On the bright side, not actually bright side, more of a less dark side, It was just the kit lens. Some of the parts are broken, the one inside. I was scared that some of the glass in the camera and lens might have shattered, but it didn’t. So it was a great relief. But I can’t get the lens inserted to the camera because of the parts that are broken. So I searched for the parts that might’ve been gone already. There are 4 pieces of broken parts that I found on the floor. I ran downstairs and settled the camera and lenses, and to the store to buy some mighty bond. I was too worried that I can’t feel anything. I can’t tell that I’m nervous or scared. But thank God that I fixed it. Everything. No not everything. One button is pressed down forever. And some scratches , but other than that, it’s totally fine. 



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